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An adorable curly haired computer student, a math whiz who enjoys solving complex algebraic equations. Looks misleadingly dorky and cutely innocent on the outside, but leads a thrilling secret life of greatness and danger... in killing zombies.

Funny, happy and patient, loves fuzzy little animals and inappropriately applying gaming terms to real life situations.
*at a left 4 dead competition*
gamer 2: heh, thanks :D
by benjifan July 31, 2009
A winner from So You Think You Can Dance. He is extreamly hot, and wonderful. Ohh my God, Benji is the most hottest man that's ever entered the world. And this was written by his biggest fan <3
"Oh my god, did you see Benji's myspace."
"Of Course, he's so cute."
"Well, duhh!"
by Catherine* February 26, 2007
shite like aroma, often associated with old people and the homeless
theres an awfull bang of benji off that old man over there
by the canavan April 11, 2008
A weird chav-type who spends most of their time hiding away in the corners of retail shops such as hollister in wait for innocent girls
"Dude, that boy is such a Benji"

"I think I am gonna get a level 1 restraining order on that benji"

"I'll kick his Benji ass"
by itsthea May 09, 2010
Benji, ah the sexiest guitar player alive. People may not think he is the greatest but he is to all his fans..like myself. Has numerous tattoos and multiple piercings and forever chaging hairstyles. Kicks mother fucking ass bitch. Benji is God.
Dude..Benjamin Levin Madden from the best band ever, Good Charlotte owns you.
by a fan! July 07, 2004
A combination of "binge drinking" and "Ben."

A person who drinks himself into an alcohol-induced coma. Upon revival, he will usually claim to have "conquered alcohol..." Weeks later, he will once again be in the hospital for acute alcohol poisoning. Also, he's on cocaine. Worse yet, he attends Carlson School of Management, thus making him a douche bag.
Dude 1: Oh, man! I think Benji just got in trouble for cocaine possession!
Dude 2: Naw, he'd be in jail if he had coke.
Dude1: Meh, he's still a douche bag.

Girl 1: I heard that Benji was twitching in the hallway! Is he okay?
Girl 2: Yeah, that's normal for douche bags like him.
by Who DIDN'T post this? December 14, 2005
A person who tells dorky imature jokes but is occasionally funny. Very boy-ish but girls can be benji's too. Benji's also use dorky phrases and usually speak in a nasal voice. Usually into simpsons and computer games. Benji's can be dorky but not A Dork, and it is also POSSIBLE for them to be cool.
'omg your such a Benj'
'That was such a Benji moment'
by hannah and alice March 04, 2005