A person who tells dorky imature jokes but is occasionally funny. Very boy-ish but girls can be benji's too. Benji's also use dorky phrases and usually speak in a nasal voice. Usually into simpsons and computer games. Benji's can be dorky but not A Dork, and it is also POSSIBLE for them to be cool.
'omg your such a Benj'
'That was such a Benji moment'
by hannah and alice March 04, 2005
A computar sci. major who delights in ruining one of his best friend's fun with his damn logic. See first definition of the word Spock. Also may be a vampire. Not big on sunlight or lacking control....
Benji, I don't care what's wrong with jumping off a building, I'm doing it.
Benji, I love you, now just shut the fuck up!
I'm pretty sure that vampires are in better moods after they suck some blood, Benji, so go do that and get back to me.
by Devon March 22, 2005
Benji -- created by j-unit

an extremely dirty looking person.
usually a native man with a long greasy ponytail.
OMg JedI look! that guy is such a benji
by Femmealafunk February 06, 2005
The hottest punk alive (Sid Vicious is dead :( ) He is not gay or anything!!!!If you don't agree I really don't care, go fuck yourself if it bothers you.He's the back up vocals and guitarist in one of my favorite bands and even though you all might think he's some evil posers or something just fuck off he's awesome to his fans and plays great music.The only reason people hate the band is because all of these "My favorite music is Hilary Duff and Good Charlotte but I only like good Charlotte because insert band member here is hot hehehe" and they're like 10 and they don't even understand what punk IS.
Me- Good Charlotte Rocks!!!And Benji is hot too.
Person- No they're posers!
Me- Go fuck yourself bitch!!!You don't even know what punk IS!!!!You listen to Hilary Duff and think that you're hard core.

P.S. To all of you other real punks who think they suck....you actually have the authority to say they suck because you actually know what punk rock is.
by mychemicalromance February 21, 2005
1. Homo
2. Gay
3. Fag
Benji, you're a homogayfag.
by Suparme February 10, 2005

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