A computar sci. major who delights in ruining one of his best friend's fun with his damn logic. See first definition of the word Spock. Also may be a vampire. Not big on sunlight or lacking control....
Benji, I don't care what's wrong with jumping off a building, I'm doing it.
Benji, I love you, now just shut the fuck up!
I'm pretty sure that vampires are in better moods after they suck some blood, Benji, so go do that and get back to me.
by Devon March 22, 2005
Top Definition
100 dollar bill (Ben Franklin)

Allot of "Dead Heads" would hide a "Benji" somewhere on their person for bail money or for emergencies.

"Travelin' Matt had a benji stitched under a patch on his pants for emergencies."
by Captian trips February 19, 2007
Some one who is irresponsible and tends to do things with out thinking twice about it, they have a funny personality and makes people laugh a lot this person can make your day when you are down
That guy is just like Benji
by Anonymous230 July 26, 2011
short for benjamin franklins, or $100 bills.
My corporate job is super boring, but the benjis hold me over.
by Gvibe7 April 21, 2006
The most amazing person to ever have walked planet earth. Usually has a penis around the size 9-16 inches. Is better than people named Ben, as Ben is a name for massive twats
Benji! You have a big dick!
by loddy77 November 09, 2014
When a male gives another male a blow job in front of other people in public place.
Did you hear that Lance gave Nick a benji on the bus the other day?
by BBJJJ February 29, 2012
When you are in love with your best guy friend and he doesn't know it yet.
I've had a Benji for a long time.:)
by Shae2000 December 07, 2013
A completely selfish, self absorbed, cheating, and lying fuckboy who doesn't give a damn about who he hurts.
Friend 1:Why is he "talking" to Carol, I thought he had a girlfriend?

Friend 2: Yea he does have a girlfriend, but he is a Benji afterall.
by TryAndRememberMe March 20, 2016
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