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A term meaning abject failure regardless of the effort applied coupled with a loud whining noise

Always doomed to lose, fail, drop short but make more noise than a flock of geese going through the engine of a jet fighter
1) Doing a benger - trying and failing in a task and bleating on about it or making out you succeeded when in fact you failed
2) You benger - You bedwetter (see bedwetter)
3) bengerised - listening to a long whining reason for failing
4) You've been bengered - cornered my a whining person in a pub.
by Marillionfan June 25, 2011

Used to replace food or drink name when looking forward to consuming said food/drink.
1. Anyone want a cup of benger?
2. I could do with a chip benger.
by Jay C June 02, 2004
Benger can be used in many different contexts, it is a small village in wiltshire which nobody likes called sutton benger. Benger can be used instead of a swear word.
Oh for Benger sake
I need to take a benger
Benger off
by TJHTJHTJH May 17, 2010