Dancing by rotating your butt on someones pelvis.
I continued bending on my boyfriend while watching my mom cry.
#grinding #gross #homecoming #benders #bending
by Jon_Hollister December 28, 2012
Top Definition
v. Being able to control matter without touching it.
Did you see the last episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender?
No, was it good?
Yeah, Zuko looked really sexy when he was bending that fire.
#avatar: the last airbender #zuko #katara #aang #sokka #toph
by Uncle Iroh October 20, 2011
verb. to engage in a bender, that is, a brief or extended period of intensive drinking, drug usage, and /or other forms of extreme indulgence, generally in response to periods of high stress.

In addition, can sometimes also allude to acts of over-the-top homosexual behaviour or indulgence, as in the British slang noun "bender" or adjective "bent."
there were few things in life worse than waking up to the hazy, throbbing stupor following a night of heavy bending." OR "John says he has a girlfriend, but he was out mad bending at gay bars all weekend.
#drinking #indulgence #getting wasted #getting blasted #acting gay #buggering
by loki jotun July 03, 2011
To alter the truth to make a story more entertaining. Also to exagerrate facts to make them seem more incredible or unbelievable.
Brad said he bagged five chicks last night, but I think he was just bending.

#lie #distort #fib #exagerate #inflate
by Gypsy Boy October 24, 2005
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