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a straight girl (spaghettie girl) who bends towards the gay life for a hot minute, often carelessly breaking the heart of a genuine lesbian in the process. :(
casey: so how'd it go with that chick?
molly: idk, i guess we're just hanging out for now.
casey: no love connection?
molly: well, i feel a connection but she's a bendie so i don't wanna get too attached.


molly: what's up? you look sad.
casey: that girl went and ditched me for a guy.
molly: what a bitch! but clearly she was a bendie so...
casey: ...doesn't make it hurt any less.
by ColeenMcKechnie October 22, 2009
When a guy is fucking a chick, I mean really going to town on her and his dick slips out and misses the hole. A bendie occurs when his dick bends and excruciating pain ensues.
I was fucking an ugly triplet, got all excited, and it slipped out and got a bendie.
by Michael Yurkoski April 14, 2004
Bendie plural bendies. Noun

A bent over selfie, normally done nude with the purposes of showing some ass/vaginal combo for full view.
Send me some nudes and it better be some good bendies, none of that modest stuff.
by unabridged army October 19, 2014