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a form of depression caused by an involuntary text blackout. The longer the wireless company goes without resolving the problem, the further into deprextion the user falls.
Coleen is deprext. She has had zero texts sent/received for 3 days now, which included her birthday. :( It's a wonder she's able to get outta bed.
by coleenmck March 07, 2011
an orgasm of sorts, experienced after being introduced to several awesome gadgets, but most especially at the moment of realization that several awesome gadgets can work together. depending on the level of awesomeness of said gadgets, the gizmogasm can be of epic proportions.
When Jen discovered that you can connect your iPad and/or iPhone to your huge flat screen tv with a $40 connector, she had her first Apple-specific gizmogasm. Steve Jobs was up on cloud 9, grinning ear to ear.
by coleenmck April 25, 2012
cacfoatt (kak-foat or kak-fo-at) is an acronym for "care and concern for others and their things".

see also cacfo.
Have you ever dealt with someone who has no clue what cacfoatt is? I can't stand it when people treat my shit like it's crap.

Cacfoatt... it's what makes the world go (smoothly) 'round.
by Coleenmck December 17, 2009
cacfo (kak-fo) is an acronym meaning "care and concern for others".

see also cacfoatt.
Man, if that aholian in the Toyota would show some cacfo, our drive would be safer.

Hey jerk-oh, how's about you go find some cacfo in the deepest depths of yer cold heart and don't come back here till you do.
by coleenmck December 17, 2009
A possible addition to your social calendar, usually requiring zero commitment as to yer presence or absence to said event. (Thank Gawd.)
Hey Donna, Paradise Titty is playing Friday nite. You wanna try and go? No worries, I'm just throwing it out there as a potential.

I see the Blue Genie Art Bazaar in my future. It's a potential fer sure.

Lynda, what potentials do you have for this weekend? I'm looking for things to do.
by coleenmck December 17, 2009

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