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Short for Thanks
"tnx for your time"
thanks for your time.
by Gizmo March 20, 2003
a late night cruise, illest clique-ISANG mahal isang buhay
how was the bender last night?
by GiZMO January 02, 2005
The way black people talk its stands for, ebony which means dark and phonics with means like the way of speaking or the vocabulary so in other words the way black people speak.
Like for shizzle my nizzle thats part of ebonics or like that was a hizzy for shizzy party.
by Gizmo April 09, 2003
a guy with a short memeory and an even small penis
i had a friend and he was a fucking tonks
by gizmo February 23, 2004
word used in a sentence so the person speaking won't have to say all the details
yeah, they were arguing and wuwu, then ol'girl fucked her up
by gizmo November 26, 2003
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