An awful lacrosse player, Commonly used as insult used toward a defense-man by the attack. Invented in Upstate New York, primarily in section 3 (The best section).
Wow, I just scored a between the legs goal on these benders
by RippinG's&SmokinTrees January 30, 2011
A head-banger, rocker or otherwise classic rebel and/or delinquent.

Taken from the character John Bender who was an archtypical example of stereotype from the movie "The Breakfast Club" by John Hughes.
Look at that guy with the Ozzy jacket and the mullet, he's a total bender.
by Conan Galloway October 21, 2007
A Group of Brash Jewish New York Boys born in the late 1970's who are defined by their stunning good looks, love for drugs and alcahol, and a fervent fetish for fat jewish women.
Benders: Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, DJ AM
by rkasovitz December 28, 2009
A really bad hockey player or sports player. Generated from the bend in a hockey players ankles when they cannot skate.
That bender looks like he's doing snow angels because he is falling all over the ice.
by my 2 cents August 19, 2008
To be gay, or to have a bent dick from gay sex
Hey Nick Conlon is a bender
John burke is bent
by Johnb00 April 18, 2008
The characteristics of a person that include selflessness, the ability to listen attentively to a persons problems, the ability to have an air of authority about you, but not in an overpowering or oppressive way. Being honorable, humble and a good leader, being full of integrity.
Dude, what is it with that guy? He knows how to lead, and everyone listens to him and looks up to him!
Yeah, he's way Bender.
by gottabtru1 November 27, 2007
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