originated in punjab, is the official slang of Delhi.Literal meaning is sister fucker but now its used to denote element of surprise, anger, shock or even happiness
Benchod!!!....you scared the shit out of me

benchod!!!...its amazing...do it again

benchod teri...maa chuda saale!!!
by delhi boy May 21, 2011
Top Definition
Indian slang work means Sister Fucker.
benchod i'll kick your ass.
by harry patel February 12, 2005
Literally "sister-fucker" in most North-Indian languages; ben (sister) + chod (fuck). Also used occasionally to indicate sheer delight, excitement, or anger. Increasingly common amoung non-Indians as well in countries and areas with large Indian populations (e.g. New Jersey, Toronto, England).
This benchod is going to die!
Benchod, i cut myself!
by barry kumar October 19, 2006
Sister Fucker
Word of Indian origin. Tends to be more frequently used than the 'mother-fucker' equivalent.
It's up there as one of the top insults to people from the Indian sub-continent.
That ben chod over there tried to steal my pint.

Oi, ben chod, kiss my chadees!

I went to the bar to buy a pint and the ben chod asked me for I.D.
by Prem Shah August 25, 2006
indian swear word which means sister fucker
basically the equivelant of calling someone motherfucker
Taro bap ne ghand ma chodu benchod!
by benchod123 August 17, 2010
another term for mother-fucker.
that ben-chod jus stole my parkin' spot!!!!!
by vzcaya July 07, 2006
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