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indian swear word which means sister fucker
basically the equivelant of calling someone motherfucker
Taro bap ne ghand ma chodu benchod!
#benchod #ma #bap #ben #bhai #guju #paki
by benchod123 August 17, 2010
A prarie province in western canada.
The main cities are saskatoon (about 250,000 people) and the capital regina (about 200,000 people).There isnt much in saskatchewan except farms,some forest and a couple of deer.
Winters are cold as hell and summers are short and bug infested.
If you enjoy living in saskatchewan then you must either have an IQ of 5 or have spent most of your life in winnipeg.
saskatchewan,flatter than your 12 year old daughter
#saskatoon #regina #calgary #edmonton #winnipeg #winapig #snow #cows
by benchod123 September 04, 2010
A city of about 250,000 people situated in the middle of nowhere.
Saskatoon is full of ghetto natives and street people,and has the highest crime rate in all of Canada.
It is also the AIDS capital of Canada.
The weather sucks ass too.Winters are long and cold and it is not uncommon for the temprature to go below -40 degrees celcius.Fall/Spring is cloudy,depressing,chilly and wet.Summers are decent but way too short and too many mosquitos.
There is never anything going on in Saskatoon,it has to be the most boring place in Canada.

Saskatoon is nothing but a frozen ghetto shithole.
It makes Winnipeg look good!
saskatonian 1: Fuck its cold

saskatonian 2: I know man,i was taking a piss the other day and it froze before it reached the toilet bowl

saskatonian 1 :Shit seriously? damn saskatoon sucks,lets move to iraq

saskatonian 2 :ok
#ghetto #winnipeg #calgary #native #benchod #canada #saskatchewan #regina #saskatoon
by benchod123 August 16, 2010
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