Ben is an amazing person. Anyone who knows him has received a great gift. He is a massive fan of hugs but he only gives them to people is cares about, so if you receive one of these special hugs, you are very lucky. His only downside is that he sometimes has difficulty finding the right girl, but when he does, he will be the most amazing boyfriend ever!
That boy last night was amazing. He must have been a Ben.
by Madlaa996 August 27, 2014
Ben is the greatest guy in the world. He will always be there for you. Ben's are tall, georgeous, their laugh is just perfect, has an amazing body, Ben's typically have Blondel hair and blue/green eyes. Most Ben are country if not good farm boys that can melt your hart and are AMAZNG in bed.
"Did you see the new hot kid in school, ben?"

"Yeah, hes already talked to me, so nice and fuckable!"

" I just love that amazing country accent!"
by ThEgIrL March 20, 2012
A handsome, funny, amazingly talented guy living in Australia. He has an amazing smile, perfect teeth, adorable accent, thoughtful tattoos and crystal blue eyes. If you are lucky enough to catch his attention, he will suck you in and win you over with letters and poetry that could make you purr. He has a way of using verbiage that can excite and amaze. You will want to read his words over and over. His attention is fleeting. He is a Cancer and will often run and hide in seclusion for extended amounts of time and push away those who care for him. You'll never know why he does this, he is often secretive and mysterious. He can be selfish emotionally, because he isn't always there to provide support, but expects it when he comes running back out of the blue. There is a girl in California that loves him, he just needs to take a chance, and he'll realize she's perfect for him.
She's not going to wait for Ben much longer...the clock is ticking.
by *&^%$@ August 05, 2011
Ben is a male which has
Nick weirdly wanted to insert his one inch wander into Ben's BEN.
by ComputerScienceBanter November 10, 2014
A guy who is fun and caring, who is very secretive and mysterious. A ben loves to love, and be loved.
who is that awesome person over there?

thats ben of course!
by flarpasaurus November 02, 2013
Manipulative knob jockey that cares only for social status and not friends
Person 1: Hey how's your boyfriend?
Person 2: He dumped me, he was a total Ben
by phandomfever July 08, 2015
Ben is probably the best guy you will ever meet. He is great in bed and will be sure to make you happy every day.
How's your boyfriend?

Great he is a true Ben!
by Jessica j 1235 October 29, 2015

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