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A guy who is fun and caring, who is very secretive and mysterious. A ben loves to love, and be loved.
who is that awesome person over there?

thats ben of course!
by flarpasaurus November 02, 2013
A great guy, the best you can find, with his blue eyes and dark brown hair he is the ultimate chick-magnet, when he takes off his shirt even the sun stops to gaze, he is kind, funny, friendly, gentle, and all round great guy, any girl would be lucky to have him, if he asked you out it would give you a better feeling than if you'd just won the lottery, all girls fall under his spell when he walks by, he tells no-one who he's into, but if he liked you, you'd know it, his eyes shine like the stars when he looks at you, and he can sing like a God, all the perfection in the world, all packed into one boy, that boy, Ben.
Girl 1: oh my god, am I seeing things or did an angle just walk by?
Girl 2: damn right, that's Ben.
by BoltVenus2000 February 03, 2014
A really gay man
Or the owner of a gay bar
"Oh you're such a ben"
by Not_Ben August 01, 2014
A guy that has a big dick and fucks girls with big titties and a big juicy ass. Girls love giving head to him. His dick is huge girls allways squirt for his dick. He gives facials and cream pies.
That guy is a ben

I found a ben tonight

Hes a ben
by Bobba fet June 21, 2014
Huge dick. Really hot, most girls want to date him. Can fuck for hours.
Girl 1 did u have fun with your boyfriend last night?

Girl 2 ya he is a real ben!
by Eagletoy September 30, 2013
A synonym used for the words 'Ball' 'Pipe' 'One' and 'hole'

Used in the Barnsley area as a slang word.

All words are used in context with the words theyre replacing. With the exception of when Ben replaces the word 'One'. Ben only replaces 'One' at the end of the sentence, or when identifying an object as singular
"There's only one!"
"Theres only Ben!"

"Its a Ben."
"Its a Ball."

"He fallen down the hole!"
"Hes fallen down the Ben!"

NOT "theres only ben left" to replace 'one'.
by Abdullahhasam November 24, 2011
Usually a big boned or (fat) person
Can have a lovely personality but get on the wrong side and he will give you a shit time.

Well off type of person
A proper northern name
Ben is a name
by Eh14 July 02, 2014