Ben is a c**t who is so far up him self and sex obsessed, he f**ks anything moving even though he's not very good. If you see a Ben you should kick him in the balls.
Ben: hey look there's a cat I'll go f**k it
by Jashleigh August 14, 2014
A really gay man
Or the owner of a gay bar
"Oh you're such a ben"
by Not_Ben August 01, 2014
A guy that has a big dick and fucks girls with big titties and a big juicy ass. Girls love giving head to him. His dick is huge girls allways squirt for his dick. He gives facials and cream pies.
That guy is a ben

I found a ben tonight

Hes a ben
by Bobba fet June 21, 2014
Ben has very small testicles and half a penis. He was born out of a cows leg. He drives a mongoose that lost his legs and they replaced it with wheels.
You look and act like a ben.
by TritonTheBumbleBee June 05, 2014
Huge dick. Really hot, most girls want to date him. Can fuck for hours.
Girl 1 did u have fun with your boyfriend last night?

Girl 2 ya he is a real ben!
by Eagletoy September 30, 2013
Someone who you can not resist. Makes you feel alive and happy whenever you are with him. Will make a promise and then break it. You will like him, he won't like you. You will never be able to get over him even though he forgot about you.
Friend: Did he break his promise and forget about you already?
You: Yeah, he's such a Ben.
by lkjhgfdsalkjhgfdsa July 19, 2013
short dood with blue eyes, hilarious and retarded. Easy to talk to and never gets awkward. Hot and funnehhh :P . hes awesome u can talk to him bout like boners n weird shit.
How to landsharks have sex with each other?-Boners
Nice Ben
by sweetheart69 December 08, 2012

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