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Noun. A local transport in Bali. Similar to a minibus.
Bemos are the staple ingredient of Balinese transport.
by Callison Neo September 08, 2006
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A "Bemo" is a combination of "bisexual" and "emo".
Did you hear? Anna is a bemo!
by jrdnllrd October 08, 2008
Nicknamed "bemo", commonly known as the "brass", the bemo is a scary creature. They often believe they are hardcore, when they are obviously emo.
Bemo's love goat dick
by itaintnogthang January 16, 2007
Some one who is almost to the point of being Emo, making them borderline Emo or Bemo!
"That kid is such a cry baby he's so Bemo !"

"Look at that Bemo , he's almost emo!"
by Justin Millen August 21, 2007
a beaner that is emo
look at that the bemo with the leafblower
by Toki Wartooth December 03, 2007
a black person who cuts himself making him an emo
that bemo is cutting himself
by remy quintero April 01, 2006

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