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Noun. A local transport in Bali. Similar to a minibus.
Bemos are the staple ingredient of Balinese transport.
by Callison Neo September 08, 2006
14 6
A "Bemo" is a combination of "bisexual" and "emo".
Did you hear? Anna is a bemo!
by jrdnllrd October 08, 2008
8 8
Nicknamed "bemo", commonly known as the "brass", the bemo is a scary creature. They often believe they are hardcore, when they are obviously emo.
Bemo's love goat dick
by itaintnogthang January 16, 2007
8 12
Some one who is almost to the point of being Emo, making them borderline Emo or Bemo!
"That kid is such a cry baby he's so Bemo !"

"Look at that Bemo , he's almost emo!"
by Justin Millen August 21, 2007
4 9
a beaner that is emo
look at that the bemo with the leafblower
by Toki Wartooth December 03, 2007
8 15
a black person who cuts himself making him an emo
that bemo is cutting himself
by remy quintero April 01, 2006
7 27