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Slang for a person in Alcoholics Anonymous who follows the 12 Steps.
Jane joined Alcoholics Anonymous and quickly became a Stepper.
by JR Harris March 13, 2011
A pair of sweet lookin shoes
" Joel, I like your new steppers... lookin' gooooood "

" Man... check out Karen's legs, smokin' hot in those steppers "
by K.L.Doyle August 13, 2007
A Stepper is a person who insists on talking about an inch away from your face and everytime you step away from them, they step towards you.
That bloke's a Stepper, he's got no appreciation for personal space.
by Rikstir January 02, 2013
A person who listens to dubstep
Person 1: what you listening to?
Person 2: Magnetic Man
Person 1: oh, I didn't know you were a stepper
by Carlos Davids December 12, 2010
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