The crater left in a person's abdomen after their Umbilical Cord is cut, thereby separating their body from that of their birth-mother.
Neither Adam nor Eve had a belly button.
by Branded Silly June 15, 2009
a place to store corners off of a pop tart
Michael:do you have a pop tart?
Curtis:yes in my belly button
by tackett172 May 09, 2009
1. something you poke
2. something you smell
3. something you eat out of
4. something you take shots out of
5. something you pierce
6. something to look at
7. something that is always with you
8. if poked, you have been raped
1. stick your finger in!
2. hey, what does yours smell like?
3. jello or whipped cream?
4. shots!shots! shots!....
5. shiny, sexy, bikini bodies!
6. ooooh ahhhhhh
7. you okay down there?
8. suprise! you were raped in the belly button ;)
by tynay July 08, 2012
a button on your belly. if you have an outie and yuo press it then you will die
mommmy i pressed my belly-button!...BOOM!
by sam sin August 16, 2003
A wet dream catcher. when you have your junk up tucked and you have a wet dream your jizz is caught in your belly button.
Looks like your Wet dream catcher is full! did you have a good night
I know I blew it in my belly button
by Wet dreamer February 25, 2010
To rub bellybuttons with; to have intimate relations; foreplay; 3rd Base
Oh baibbeee, shall we have some close encounters of the
bellybutton kind ?
by Aries Mint January 10, 2008
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