1.The glans of the penis. So called because of it's similarity in shape to that of a bell. See also helmet.

2.A foolish person. A plank.

I'd just had one off the wrist but I couldn't find the Kleenex so I had to wipe my bell-end on the curtains.
by Thee Red Monkey June 01, 2006
big shiny purple end of the penis
its not my fault i can't get it up, just lick my bell end
by Pinter Winnet May 09, 2003
An idiot, an unschooled, uncultured oik.

One who behaves inappropriately, sometimes in a humourous fashion.

A twat.

Usually referring to a male but I've met a few birds who would wear the epithet well.
Don't be a bellend all of your life and get the bastard ale in.

Oi, bellend, move that fuckin jeep!
by Sloaney lad October 05, 2007
1. the tip of a mans penis
2. an insult
1.Core! Mr Bennett really has got an almighty bell end!

He certainly has!

2. Honestly, mate you really are massive bell end
by iver biggun March 28, 2009
A term used to call someone an idiot or retard. This can also be known as the end of a penis, penis looks like the end, end etc.
You missed the ball, you bell end!
by your mums anal blast February 14, 2009
A device built in to a geezers spunk trunk to stop his hand flying off the end whilst getting "pointey toed".
johnathon beeching has a bellend so tiny his hand always flies off explaining his black eye the other day.
by nathan bangstick October 16, 2003
The head of a penis
I'd love to give Rachel Stevens one hell of a bellending
by Me December 15, 2003
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