someone is being an utter prick and needs a slap
when someone keeps throwing eggs at your head, they are being a bellend
by M Farley July 07, 2004
Derogotary: Useless person

"Why don't you shut up, you bell-end?"

A bit like telling someone they're a cock.
by Gerry May 02, 2003
1. (slang) Donald Trump, American business magnate and showcase for the merits of unashamed baldness.

2. (British slang) the glans, head or foreskin of a human penis, so-called for its bell-like shape.
Sense 1: "Following the re-invention of The Apprentice as a political advertisement, the opinion polls predicted a landslide majority for President Bellend."

"Willison Knife Razors. You know it makes sense: just ask Bellend Trump!"

Sense 2: "His hotspot is his bellend: once I touch him there, that's it. Immediate trigger for a crymax."
by Dr. Orthant Jan Glockenspiel April 22, 2011
1. The end of a male's/transexual's penis.
2. Also uesd as an insult like "Dick head"

Commonly used by Ali-G in his movie and tv shows
1. "dude, check out my bell end its swollen from being kicked by my ex the other day"

2. "shut up you fucking bell end thats a stupid idea"
by Dyldo Baggins May 18, 2009
Plural form of bellend
The head of one's penis. So called because it is somewhat shaped like a bell's end.
God, you are all a bunch of bellends!
by EvanC_ July 14, 2008
1) The bulbous tip of a penis; 2) A person whose charachter reflects that of said tip of penis (ie one is a bellend, one is being a bellend) ; 3) the most accurate description of Lewis Summerscales, Poole, Dorset
"Lewis, you are a complete bellend. And your mum."
by minty moggy May 15, 2003
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