the end of your penis and can also be used as an insult
girlfriend and boyfriend having sex:
gf:"you've got a weird shaped bellend!"
bf:"shut up you bellend, go do it with someone else then!! Someone with a better bellend!!"
gf:"fine i will!"


and the bellend is put in boxers!!
by RachJessSunny February 15, 2009
This is a word that can define a person
"I think that Raj is a Bellend"
by See you at the Crossroads February 28, 2008
The head of the penis, also used as a insult.
"mark why does your bellend smell?"
"you are a gay bellend"
by john john john June 22, 2006
(1) Slang name for the head, or bulbous tip of the penis.
(2) Nickname given to my girlfriends total twat of a husband.
"Honey that fucking mardarse bellend has threw another sickie and not gone to work, I won't be able to get to yours today.

"Just tell him you're off to see me because I am better in bed than he ever could be, I don't need a vacuum pump to get it up. I mean it's not as though he doesn't know is it. He found the christmas card off me 12 months ago and is still too much of a shithouse to deal with this situation"
by fasc February 01, 2007
On habbo, FairyTailed- aka bellend? her names belle, but like it is. shes so fake, but idc, shes getting my gb comments up. ikr fit. anyway, shes the definition of a bellend xxxxx
me: bellends a bellend xx
by Lucy12342464 December 02, 2009
A fame-hungry, bigoted, economically illiterate idiot, especially one whose hair or face is shaped like a sexual organ. In particular, Donald Trump.
Did you see that bell-end on the TV debate last night? He makes Sarah Palin look like a sensible candidate. Well, not really.
by garozzo April 21, 2011
swolen end of penis most commonly in the shape of a "fireman's helmet" and in my case the size as well.
get u're bell out of my damn ear!!
by Crocky April 23, 2004

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