adj. a laboratory sciences practical exam, usually given by overtly anally-retentive science professors who hold onto the fallacy that competence is demonstrated not from careful analysis, but lightning fast calculations. Anyone who excels at writing bell-ringers, has been trained to be so overconfident about their calculations, that they never recheck their numbers, and stands a good chance at eventually killing someone or something by over-administering some fatal dose because of their hubris.
I'm not ready for that bell-ringer on Monday, but maybe if I load up on amphetamine, I might squeak by with a 60.
by scootermcbean October 16, 2011
Top Definition
A phenomenon experienced after shooting cocaine...A feeling as if yer ears are ringing.
That coke blast gave me a hella bell ringer
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
Big hit of crack cocaine, so called due to the effect of euphoria accompanied by a ringing in the ears.
"Whoa baby, that was a real bell-ringer"
by poodle_pi April 22, 2009
A hit of crack cocaine that is particularly strong. Commonly regarded as the 'holy grail' of rock smoking. This often results in a ringing of the ears, hence the term.

The intense feelings of euphoria, well-being, godliness, and ultimate satisfaction are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sudden bowel movements, hallucinations, and paranoia.

Fun Fact: A hit that leaves one with poo in their pants is highly esteemed in some crack circles.
"I am going to load up a shitload for this next blast. I need a fuckin' bell-ringer son!"

"After I have smoked for a few days I find it impossible to achieve a bell-ringer."

"Don't run your mouth while I am in the middle of a god damn bell-ringer, god damnit."
by jasonaellisd March 09, 2010
Yours or someone other persons fingers.
Blast Iv,e just closed the door on a couple of my bellringers.
by Mr. Bute October 27, 2007
A bowel movement so long, that it hits the bottom of the toilet, and topples over forward, hitting you in the balls.
I left a nice bellringer in the shitter for you to look at.
by tequiller December 30, 2006
a rare breed of gentlemen (the bellringers) who can drop schlong into a pint glass and achieve a thud on the bottom of the glass with their bell end.
Birdman's A champion bell ringer. He's capable of "touching base" on a yard of ale!
by afrolank June 03, 2016
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