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2 definitions by scootermcbean

a. Pertaining to Scotland, its inhabitants, or its language; Scottish. (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary 1940 - 1957 eds.)

While it is grammatically correct to refer to a person of Scottish descent as "Scotch", the Scotch people are known to get worked-up into a frenzy at its utterance. Conversely, the Scotch people have no issue with their culinary or alcoholic creations being referred to as such. "Scotch" is the only term known to offend a people not normally prone to sensitivity toward politically correct language.
1. The Scotch (people) are a tight lot.
2. The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3-M) invented Scotch Tape.
3. The air was heavy with Scotch mist.
by ScooterMcBean January 25, 2011
adj. a laboratory sciences practical exam, usually given by overtly anally-retentive science professors who hold onto the fallacy that competence is demonstrated not from careful analysis, but lightning fast calculations. Anyone who excels at writing bell-ringers, has been trained to be so overconfident about their calculations, that they never recheck their numbers, and stands a good chance at eventually killing someone or something by over-administering some fatal dose because of their hubris.
I'm not ready for that bell-ringer on Monday, but maybe if I load up on amphetamine, I might squeak by with a 60.
by scootermcbean October 16, 2011