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This term is used to describe any activity done for its own sake/pleasure. People seeing someone/something beezle will likely not understand why that person/creature/thing is doing whatever he/she/it is doing. Examples include: frolicking, climbing trees, most things done while stoned/drunk. Baby animals (and for some reason, squirrels, dolphins and whales) naturally beezle all the time.

It's generally considered complimentary, but just a little confusing...
Dude, Totoro is totally just beezling in that movie...
Your cat loves to beezle... it chased a laser pointer for an hour.
Yo, why are you climbing that tree?!?! Beezle....
by IslandQueen June 26, 2009
Infiltrating a casual group. This can include inserting oneself into strangers' conversations, hijacking somebody's date, convincing a bartender you are friends with the guy who just bought a round of shots, or pitching in less than your share at dinner and hoping nobody notices.
I'll beezle into that wedding party and score us some free drinks.
by The Narch September 08, 2010
A person unable to control his or her attraction to bizarre sexual fetishes. This obsession often, but not always, leads to financial instability and economic disaster. A person in this condition will usually destroy his or her own credit by accruing larger and larger monthly bills to offbeat porno web sites, hotlines, and mailing lists. Symptoms include engorged nipples, frequent nocturnal emissions, and the inability to focus on any responsibility if Bang Bros has recently updated their web site.
I'm getting worried about Tim. Last night he was ejaculating in a shot glass, drooling in it, and dabbing it on his tongue. I think he could be a Beezle.
by BubbaSparx December 02, 2007

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