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A mingling of 2 words: "beep" and "epilepsy"

1: The sudden spasm of surprise by a single person when a pager or cell phone set on vibrate goes off, esp. while resting against a sensitive area.

2: This is the group reflexive reaction you see especially in a group with pagers or cell phones with similar audible alerts and one pager goes off.
Beepilepsy knocked my knee into the seat-back tray table, spilling my Bloody Mary on the passenger with the aisle seat.
by David S. T. June 06, 2006
A mingling of 2 words: "beep" and "epilepsy". This is the convulsive action you will see especially in a group all wearing pagers when one pager goes off.
"Check this out. See Tom standing with Sue and Bob and Jim? I'm gonna beep Tom on his pager. Watch them all go into a fit of beepilepsy."
by Pork King January 10, 2006
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