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Burger king. the fast food holy Grail.

Peng sporting nourishment. Stonerlicious.
Nate: wana beek?
by Bleeeeeeeb October 08, 2011
To cuss, chirp or trash-talk each other, mainly used in sports by players.
Kid 1: "You're a pussy!"
Kid 2: "Solid beek"


James: "Hey Ref, you've been goofing around all night, get outta here you prick!"
Pat: "James has been beekin' all night"
by ethic May 05, 2009
1.) A prehistoric animal with an awkward wingspan.
2.) An outrageously adorable person with dinosaur-like qualities.
3.) One who enjoys using the term 'rawr'.
4.) A cute, fun, enjoyable person who's a great friend.
"Yeah, she ran into a pole yesterday. What a beeks."

"Awe, you're such a beeks! <3"
by Alexlovesbeeks November 06, 2008
A person often reffered to as a pterodactyl with an awkward wingspan because they are quite clumsy. this person is cute, quirky, and a hazard to many with such a debilitating trait.
one having pterodactyl or possibly birdlike qualities. usually awkward in motion unless taking flight.
"they were acting like beeks"
"wow beeks"
"goddamn pterodactyl"
by Beeks<3 November 06, 2008
Another interpretation of the word bitch.
I'll scrape you beek!
by WEAVE =] May 01, 2008
Combination of Bebo and Geek Somebody who stays online all night browsing through Bebo instead of doing other more important things like sleeping. Most often between the ages of 14 and 24
Person 1: "You're a Myspace whore"
Person 2: "At least im not a Beek!"
by JJL August 23, 2006