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a beege is another name for nerd or geek or just a light insult to a friend
my class is full of proper beeges.
Stop messing around and get the beers in you beege.
by conzi of the power September 09, 2005
To squeal about a pretty girl, and show her pictures to friends.
Dude, he beeged about this one chick for ten minutes straight.
by youknowtheoneguy July 08, 2010
I slang word for the anus or a reference to anal sex.
So and so is the beege master.
by Sauceua April 26, 2006
A sexual act performed orally on a ghoul by anyone of sow stature. It is comparable to a BJ and or blowjob, head etc.
Ghoul cheese gimme a beege!
by dani the tank March 23, 2004
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