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Another word of "Blow Job" When a man gets his penis sucked.
Tyler's dad offered him a beeg.
by Taavi KH February 16, 2009
A Marth player that is gay
Commonly known as Gai sensei to those known as Crum
Bead is a marth player that isn't gay but Beegs is
by SolecalibureBBoy July 20, 2009
(Scottish Slang)

Pronounced ~ Bee-g (like league)

To be ugly or disgusting.
"Dae ye ken Jamie aye?"
"Aye hes fuckin beeg son."

"Ew she picks her nose thats so beeg."
by yermawsbaws April 08, 2014
(v) steal, mainly used in Galway, Ireland.
He beeged a bootle of Buck from the off-license
by GUISA April 13, 2007

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