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1. a hole in some beef
2. the greatest website in existence
3. it should be quite obvious by now what a beefhole is
"whats up with mike man?"
"i dont know, hes acting like such a fucking beefhole!"
by mr body massage machine October 23, 2004
A way of describing a womans vagina... what's between the beef curtains
I pulled apart her beef curtains and stuck my dick in her beef hole
by Ms B March 28, 2008
1.n. the center of a beef donut; the residence of a fallow queef.
"playing with your beefhole makes it all soggy."
by Vanna July 13, 2004
Vagina. Cunt. Pussy.
I gingerly placed my member inside her beefhole and began to thrust.
by chillwinston September 28, 2006