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An affectionate nickname for the Gravity Hammer in the Halo series.
Look out Michael! That guy is 0 for 10 with the Beef Hammer this match. (Boom!) OUCH...
by haloFan October 07, 2010
The codename of a combat mission in Afghanistan in which an American flag was flown from a Black Hawk helicopter in honor of Stephen Colbert and his dedication to the pursuit of freedom and truthiness.
"Beef Hammer, of course, the followup to such secret missions as 'One-eyed Trouser Trout' and 'Operation Blue-Vein Swayback Throbber'. I am deeply touched."
- Stephen Colbert
by au4040 December 12, 2006
basically another synonym for a penis.
Yeah then I just smacked her in the face with my beef hammer!
by Pundle December 05, 2006
A euphemism for penis
That is a diseased beef hammer
by Phenomally December 20, 2006