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the male genitalia, penis. Used only in the most sophisticated of social circles.
Amy really enjoys when I shove my stinky beef sock into her velvet lined meat wallet.
by MC Gummo August 27, 2010
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A fat meatsock. ie a fat little skanky skank with a skanky vagina
"That meatsock is fucking fat"
"Dude, total beefsock"
by Devon Barnhart November 19, 2005
4 3
The enduring remnant of a night spent cleaning your prolapsed anal cavity. Using a cotton tube sock to achieve the necessary cleaning with the correct amount of reparative dexterity.
Mom: You want your laundry done honey? What about your socks?
Bill: NO MOM! Please, that's just on old beef sock. Ted and I were trying something...
by SolidoSnaka July 03, 2014
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Its a penis! 8================D
I'll smack you in the face with my beefsock.

You can't handle my beefsock.
by Alex (Awesome) N July 20, 2005
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