a catchy word meaning dope, sick, or cool.
yo, this summer's gunna be beech.
by kizzerr February 04, 2010
Just another cooler way of saying bitch its like biatch except your kinda going beeeeech!!!!!! and it sounds cooler.
Yo beeches!! what yo all doin 2nite?
by Henry's Lover May 30, 2004
it's a nicer way of saying bitch like in front of parents or small children or people of the cloth...
you beech! i hate you!
by Mango25 May 17, 2005
secret code name for bitch
yo look at them beeches, i bet they want to suck me off
did you meet and beeches yesterday?
by stu f. May 06, 2004
a euphemism for bitch; used to describe those included in one's close group of friends
I'm not in the mood for much tonight; i'm just gonna chill with the beeches.
by phafo10 February 27, 2010

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