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1. A term used to describe someone of a British nature
2. The well known worship artist from the UK, Vicky Beeching, the one by whom I coin this term.
3. Londonesk style.
"Have you seen that beeching guy that usually hangs 'round here?"
"That concert was beeching, we should go again."
"Wow, that jacket is totally beeching!"

#beeching #victoria #london #british #uk #beaching
by <~Linz~> April 25, 2006
beeching is a duty and a way of life

they are the important wingmen for the men or women that go out on the pull for a little romance on their friday or saturday nights.


"will beeching" a very wild and cheeky person who is a bit naughty with his moves on the dance floor and will aim to pull a girl every night he goes out BE AWARE!
landing a ugly girl a.k.a. a whale when out on the pull at clubs or bars
a wingman will be beeching for the uglies on a night out for there fellow lads to help other fellow friends.

willbeeching has many moves and a strong male atitude though and is very dominant and very active be care full ladies
#will #beeching #willbeeching #beach #whale #will beeching
by ghetto123456789 April 05, 2013
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