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Bedo is a slang term for a cigarette rolled using cannabis. Rolling papers are the most common rolling medium for smoking bedos.
Roll that bedo up!

skroll that bedo!

wheres the bedo at?
by dr manhattan March 25, 2012
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A mix of the words Bebo and Pedo...

A pervert who prowls around bebo smacking his lad around to pictures of random strangers, usually younger people...
Bill:What you doing Ben?

Ben:Just prowling around bebo, looking for some young guys or girls to perv on

Bill:Oh Ben...your such a Bedo!
by Is Shit August 21, 2011
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dirty ass mexican, whole is a porno holic
by g money October 16, 2004
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deutsches jugendwort für fahrrad - german youth slang word for bicycle
Mein bedo hat keine Bremesen - My bicycle doesn't have breaks.
by Eternityyy February 28, 2016
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