This is a place where everyone is happy and it is the best place to be. People wait all day to go here,and some don't want to leave.
Life without a bed is like life without Internet. But worse.
This place is amazing and everyone loves it. Nobody can live without a bed.
'I can't wait to go! It's so bed!'
'Her hair is so bed'
by I love sleep March 11, 2014
Acronym - Beverage. Entertainment. Dining.
Used for the Miami nightclub of the same name.

Can also be used as a description of one's evening.

"Tonight I'm going to B.E.D."
by Annmarie Leonard February 03, 2012
To bed someone (to fuck) Used in United Kingdom, common.
Do you want to bed me?
by DSXTREME February 01, 2012
The place you go to be un-ston'd in the morning..
Guys go to BED or we'll be ston'd in the morning
by Jamal Omegle March 18, 2011
high as hell; contraction of: blazed, blunted, bowled, bonged
"yoooo how b'ed off that fatty blunt?"
"oh ma god... so b'ed dude..."
by do boi October 29, 2009
A place to sleep, have sex, watch TV, listen to music, etc. located in your bedroom.
Did you ever notice that the word "bed" LOOKS like a bed?
by pentozali November 29, 2013
To make somebody sleep by singing a lullaby or by other means.
Kemi: Have you put the kids to bed
Kunle: Yes ma'am
by DollyP February 04, 2008

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