A word that looks like the object itself. This includes a head board, mattress, and base board. A place that you sleep.
Doesn't the word bed make you tired because it looks like one?
by Agaydefinition August 31, 2009
my favourite place
mum: get out of bed
me: no
by wins April 13, 2011
A place where horny lovers go to make babies
A love my bed and the woman in it.
by krock1dk April 01, 2008
Binge Eating Disorder (see COE)
BED is an eating disorder.
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
To make somebody sleep by singing a lullaby or by other means.
Kemi: Have you put the kids to bed
Kunle: Yes ma'am
by DollyP February 04, 2008
A bed is a miniature gravity well designed to trap unsuspecting victims in a warm, fluffy prison, from which there is no escape.
I should really do my homework.
And my chores.
And my job.
And eat.

...But I just can't lift myself out of bed!!
by MatsumotoMania December 05, 2013
A word that looks like what it is.
yo man the word bed looks like a bed, look the 'b'is the headboard.
by teh 0wn3rer December 30, 2009

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