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beckie is probably the hottest name in the whole world. perfect for a hottie with gorgeous eyes. beckie's have it all: looks, brains, boobs, you name it. a beckie will never let you down
MAN! She's definately a 'beckie.'
by boyinlove May 27, 2006
A beckie has a massive pair of tits, really juicy and every single male she meets wants to suck them. She has the perfect body but is best known for her two massive features. She's regarded as a slut. She's had them since a young age, and has aquired many boyfriends during this time because of them. She almost always uses them to get into places, and her friends arent complaining. When she has sex, she goes hard and her features bounce everywhere. She likes titty-fuck, and does everything with her tits.
Girl 1: OMG, that girl looks like such a beckie!
Girl 2: Dont you mean slut?
Girl 1: Oh yeah, babe. Totally.
by thebabelover6969 December 01, 2013
Filipino slang term for a gay man
He will never be into you because he's Beckie
by msAbi May 11, 2011