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Becki is a reserved name for the unbelievably cute, pretty, adorable girl you can't stop thinking about. She's the best person to be around and everyone wants to be a Becki. There's always that secret someone who likes her, but doesn't want to make a move as he's too scared she'll turn him down.

Rebecca. I love you.
Have you seen Becki? I can't stop thinking about her...
by TheGuyWhoLikesYou October 29, 2013
a long, blonde looker. short for "Rebecca" and usually preceeded by "Becki" until about 8th grade.
"Oh, my god, Becki, look at her butt. it is so big... she must be one of those rap guy's girlfreinds"
by littlemama422 February 04, 2010
Becki is short for Rebecca

Usually a cute tall blonde who everyone loves.
Often a popular girl. Very pretty and always has a boy on her arm, there is no one who dislikes a Becki because she is always nice.
person one: becki is so nice to me!
person two: she is nice to everyone
person one: but i was surprised because she is so popular
person two: yeah she is so sweet
by B-oobizzle December 15, 2010
a total skank. no one likes her except me. because i'm a nice person
no one likes that Becki
i do.
by Cinderfknrella. April 11, 2011
means 'noose', because it's short for Rebecca/Rebekah.

But the name evokes many memories of the person. I know loads of Rebeccas.

1. There's me - shortish, Goth, artistic, quiet at times, gets drunk alot, smokes anything I can lay my hands on. Has dreadfalls and is very pale due to drug consumption and my fear of the sun.

2. 'Trever', this is one of her nicknames, but is actually another Rebekah - tallish, Christian, funny, quiet, happy and smiley.

3. Cawrey - tall, blonde, weird, smokes and stuff.

4. "Discoteck" - raves alot, cybergoth, random.
person : omg, there's a becki *points*

another person : what kind!?

person : i dunno.
by Becki N# 1 July 25, 2008
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