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Bebot, A Tagalog word from the Filipino culture meaning "Chick", "Babe", or "Boo".

Pronounced as "Beh-boht"
You're my bebot.

Tagalog---> Ikaw ang akin bebot.
by kaybReezy July 06, 2005
rhyms for "robot", Filipino slang for "chick", "girl" or "boo". This the meaning of the song "Bebot" from Black Eyed Peas album "Monkey Business"
Ikaw and aking bebot. (You're my boo.)
by ReyRey June 25, 2005
A song from the album Elephunk from the BEP. The meaning of bebot is beautiful girl.

And FireBreather AKA FB, Do you even know what you are talking about dumbass???
FireBreather AKA FB is such a dumbass, he did not know bebot meant beautiful girl, not a filipina girl with big tits
#firebreather aka fb #filipina #filipino #bebot #bep #elephunk
by PinoyC March 30, 2008
A hot filpina girl with big ass titties.
"Meng!!! that bebot is hott!"
by FireBreather AKA FB June 22, 2005
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