Bebo is a Melody that you chant in the shower when the soap gets in your eyes.

by laffondaaa April 18, 2010
Myspace for Asians and FOBS.
wtf? y r u usin myspace, use bebo!!!```~
Tiffany shows her one day attention-span affection via bebo: tiffy~`` sends u her luv 4 2day
Generic picture comment: omg! i luv ur circle lens
Typical group dedicated to their FOBness: WoGz ArE SeXy
by dotexdotii May 08, 2009
One that is a tool, or that likes that pipe(8===D)
Has poor hygiene, and does not shower
That Bebo smells like shit
That Bebo like dat pipe
by Rubbious Haggard January 23, 2009
The Chavs version to Myspace.
Chav-Bruv do you have bebo?
Cool Rocker Kid-No it's shit
by Oh no she did not July 12, 2008
a lame version of myspace that is basically set up for you. Usually used by those that don't know how to use myspace or facebook. emails you when you get a comment. sometimes known as "gaybo" allows you to give "luv" to people
person 1: BEBOzzzz omgz give me ur bebo luv lol
person 2: OMgz kkz only if u give me urz
person 1: KKz mwa mwa
by username___ June 10, 2008
A website used for asians and people that dont know how to use a computer and find myspace difficult it is also a place to find many drawings of dicks.
"Hey lets go on bebo and draw some dicks on peoples whiteboards."
by Harrison Warwick July 12, 2008
Bebo Is A very common well known social syte
(it also kicks Myspace Ass)
But Facebook Rules !!!!!!
Unlike (My Space )
Facebook Ruless
by nadia sumra December 13, 2007

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