A blogsite which used to be alright but is now fucked up by all the 12 year old retards who discovered it and can't spell for shit and lie about their boring ass lives.
12 year old retard on bebo commenting:HAI jsh u wana go 2 moviez wid me com to my plc den we c nw moves n my ma wll tke us ther k?
by Nzboy October 15, 2007
a website for the chavvy youths of today, usually under the age of thirteen, who take way to many pictures wearing far to much make-up, and try to prove their popularity with the anount of loves they have.
also somewhere they can use abbreviated words in every sentence.
heyy bbzz.
gimme some love on bebo yeh hunni?
talk me back.
luv yoooo x
by hahaha lol May 29, 2009
1)n: slang term for bellybutton, popularized by the Sandra Boynton work "The Bellybutton Book"
2)v: To insert ones forefinger into another's bellybutton
1) Awwwwww, isn't that the cutest innie be bo?
2) I'm gonna be bo you!
by vivimama June 23, 2006
a social networking site for mini wannabe chavs, and they also tend to talk in stupid small words.
Yo blud wuu2 2daii?
I iz on bebo ked,
wb xxx
by gobuldigook May 29, 2009
Another Social Networking website. Like myspace only more commonly used by people in the UK and Ireland and less by the moronic that inhabit myspace. Every feature on it or to be added is stolen from Facebook (see: applications).
You're number 2 on my bebo top 16!!!!!! HAVE MY LUV!!!
by Napski July 27, 2008
A website for chavs with pathetic real lives, so they spend most of their life on Bebo.

Perfectly nice people in real life can have hideous chavvy bebo profiles.
Dave in real life: 'Hello, my name is Dave. I am a nice guy. I have a girlfriend called Jennifer. She's pretty.'

Dave on Bebo: 'OMG Im dave init hella luvs to ma bbz jen lololololololololol'
by TheInvisiblePatronus July 09, 2009
1. A social network that you can sign up for and make your own profile, with your background information, a picture, and your e-mail address and phone number, you can make your profile viewable or private. (for friends only to view) You search for your friends and add them, and your friend has to accept, it is a great place for catching up with old friends, you can also add widgets, games and quizzes, and send comments to one another, you can choose backgrounds and add music and videos.

2. Also, good for getting stalked, unless you take off your e-mail address and phone number, and make your profile private.
1. Hey look, i found Marrie from down the street on bebo! I'm gonna add her!

2. Oh my god, i just found some hot girl from down south, im gonna find out what street she lives on!
by X_yasieeee. November 01, 2009

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