1 definition by [Issus]

A website similar to Myspace.com where you can create a profile and basically sell yourself to random people on the internet who will add you because you have good photos or because you claim to be a vegetarian longer than other people.

Bebo is usually used by people who
a) People who do not understand Myspace/Find it too complicated.
b) People who are yet to discover Myspace.
Girl: Do you have Bebo?
Boy: Bebo!? Myspace is so much better.
Girl: Likewoah! Myspace is just too confusing, all those codes!?
Boy: Urgh. Bebo is just the chavier version of Myspace.
Girl: Urgh. Myspace is just the more hardcore version of Bebo.
by [Issus] January 03, 2007

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