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in spanish its like a short way to say "baby boy"
i love you bebo
by princess281_2008 January 18, 2009
A chavier MySpace.
Increasing these sorts of sites are growing in popularity.
MySpace has already had it's heyday and facebook is growing but is tres Nazi!

You can do a load of random shizzle. If you ever find out who I am, add me!
Franz Ferdinand - I have MySpace!
Churchill - MySpace is totally over, get Bebo!
Hitler - Facebook all the way!!!

*World War 2 starts*
by Hodgin8r October 05, 2007
Main rival and better than myspace. getting more and more popular as it goes on, people communitacte through leaving comments . but there are a lot of very YOUNG people .. but still =]
bebo is changing a lot :@ very annoying =
by sexaaay September 13, 2007
the chav antithesis of emo myspace
i have to write Bebo so i can submit this definition
by double dash1337 May 15, 2007
A blogsite which used to be alright but is now fucked up by all the 12 year old retards who discovered it and can't spell for shit and lie about their boring ass lives.
12 year old retard on bebo commenting:HAI jsh u wana go 2 moviez wid me com to my plc den we c nw moves n my ma wll tke us ther k?
by Nzboy October 15, 2007
First-person form of the Spanish verb 'beber'. "Bebo" means "I drink".
Aquí yo no bebo el aqua.
-I don't drink the water here.

Yo bebí más de la cuenta anoche.
-I had one too many last night.
by blebblahbidybloober June 18, 2009
An online haven for the common chav to congregate
"Pimpin" up their bebo skins and talking in a language commonly known as text speak, virtually illegible to us mere mortals but absolutely hilarious when we realise what they're actually talking about.
iiyer bbzzzz
chk out me nw bebo skiin
iits fckiin piimpiin.
by lucysaurus January 19, 2008