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term of endearment. Usually used by couples because baby is just too mainstream.
1. hello bebe I've missed you!

2. Water you doing bebe?

3. Bebe lets sleep.
by captain amewica August 19, 2012
an annoying term for baby
people who use the world bebe are trying to be annoying and cute.
Person1: Hi bebe! whats up?

Person2: You're so annoying, stop being such a buttwart.
by rickysbuttwarts June 22, 2014
a small furred stuffed animal dog that likes to think its real. Has a red little Santa hat on top of burls head. (burl means boy girl so if you cant decide) The Santa hat doesn't have a pom pom on top. It is white with a black spot on its eye to half of its head and has a black nose and tail. Inside its ear is pink. Burls mouth can open and clip on things like your phone or be pretending to bite you. Rawer. It likes to cuddle with you and poop on your head. It also likes milk, fresh homemade milk to be exact. A bebe will always love you no matter what.
bebe: *pooping on head*
person: "eww bebe you pooped on my head, but I don't care because you are so cute and cuddly"
bebe: *smiles*
by fabulisous bebe December 21, 2013
A fine, young Turkish female. Also: The Taste of Paradise.
You are my bebes.
by mipo37 August 17, 2003
1. One who is the bebeiest bebe that ever was. {Meaning there is only one in the world.}

2. Becca
Andrew: Becca, you are a bebe!

Becca: No! You are the bebe.

Andrew: No, you.
by Not the Bebe July 13, 2008
a very sexy and sweet guy who you want to be with forever; attractive with beautiful eyes; highly intelligent; caring and understanding
Bobby, my love, is one hot bebe.
by Christine May 02, 2003
a thuggin` mexican rollin on 13s
Holy shit look at that bebe what a cunt rag
by Alex P March 11, 2003