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the word for grandma in Punjabi
you: bebe ji sat sri akal.

your bebe: jeonda reh putt, rabb teri lambi umer kare.

#bebe #grandma #grandmother #granny #your dad's mother
by bebeji007 October 09, 2006
means the same thing as 'son of a bitch' in Punjabi. Kuta actually means a dog becaus dog in punjabi is as big insult as calling somebody a bitch.
Sala maachod kute da putt apni bund maraa jake bhanchod.
#maachod #kuta #kute da putt #punjabi #insult
by bebeji007 October 09, 2006
Shit hole we should donate to mexico. Full of illegals and dirty ass people who dont shower. Most of the people are newly arrived wetbacks who commute to LA daily to mow lawns.
San Diego is the biggest shithole in the great state of California.

#san diego #so-cal #dirty #wetbacks #illegals
by bebeji007 October 09, 2006
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