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an insult to a person who hasnt hit puberty yet thats in highschool or older or to something that resembles "young" looking.
"Look at that bebe ass kid, looks like hes in fucking kindergarden."
"Holy shit Jackson your fro is so bebe!"
by Ryan December 16, 2003
an insult to someone who hasn't hit puberty yet whos in highschool or in some cases college.
"Look at that kid hes so fucking bebe."
"Haha look at Ryan's bebe ass hair due."
by Ryan December 16, 2003
A bebe is a mean/horny person!!!!!
EX.1rachel pride: geez kelsey...do you know how much of a bebe I am right now? I'm just too horny for my own good!

EX.2kelsey hoppe: rachel quit being a bebe! Why do you keep making fun of the size of my penis?
by Kelso June 21, 2004