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Males who wear tight white clothing and whose main diet consists of shrimp and white whine. Usually seen dancing in clubs doing their famous move, the beaver bounce. Also seen prowling on women at the beach.
Guy 1: Did you see those beaver boys dancing at the club?
Guy 2: Hell yeah dude i joined in and beaver bounced all night, hey wheres all the shrimp?
by omginbd May 28, 2008
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A boy with rediculously large two front teeth. Often insecure about himself so he *her in the case of beaver girl* makes fun of other people, most notably tall people.
"Beaver Boy, no one loves you, piss off."
by Bleggggg March 25, 2007
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A superhero derived from a love of Beavers. Growing up with beavers ensured beaver boys talented superhero skills, beaver like features and love for beavers. (He is often teamed up with his fellow sexual superhero, Llama Lady.) Together they fight their evil nemesis, Goat Girl! Damn her and her goatee!
Look, it's beaver boy!
He can chew through almost ANYTHING!
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A wild crossbreed animal. Typically coming from a female mother and beaver father. Often makes uncontrollable noises, and builds dams with household objects. Also known to cause forest fires through excessive smoking and dipping. Can sometimes drown in their own beer. Usually pass out before all other accompanying animals. 9 times out of 10 the beaver forgets the entire night and cannot recall his wild, tragic events. Because of the beaver's unconventional upbringing, there is often severe destruction at hand.
Person 1: Damn that beaver boy is going wild.

Person: Hes such a fuckin beaver!
by asian boys January 29, 2009
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James Lee Bridle is known as beaver boy coz he's got teeth that are big than bugs bunnys
one day beaver boy walked through a forest. as he walked he walked he saw a shadow. he went to investigate and got bummed by mr wild
by Mark Spencer June 17, 2004
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