song by my cousin Snoop
i jus want u 2 kno, ur my favorite gurl...
by denise May 25, 2004
jesika and amber
we are beautiful no matter what those haters say!!!
by sdjgkhsdj October 04, 2003
lydia: extraordinarily beautiful babe with an unbeatable musical taste and bestest buddy a dude can ask for... + an amazing rack
she's so beautiful, I melt when I see her walk down the street.
by girlie February 02, 2004
Taaaarrraaa :)
you are very tara like
by nasir December 09, 2003

rate my definition 1 star!
by Zizzy September 07, 2003
Renee A. from Bourg LA
"Wow, that girl Renee is really beautiful"
by Ryan February 18, 2005
Refers to the very good looking Amanda Pabon.
Amanda Pabon is beautiful.
by none of your business March 18, 2005

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