A highly attractive individual, used to describe both the body, mind, and soul- as cancerous as it sounds, Girls eat it up, unless she's that one girl that is intent on being difficult.
"Meagan is the most beautiful girl in the world, her body is perfect, her heart is pure, and all that fun stuff."
by PsychoSanity September 14, 2014
you are beautiful
by khbvouv September 06, 2011
Meaning Rachel Roller
There goes rachel roller. Shes friggin beautiful!
by briiickkkkkk April 21, 2011
A woman so stunninglee attractive that she just moves you...
you're soooo sweet,
your smile..
your pusssy, and..
your boness
you're on fiiiire,
you move meeee,
like musiiiic,
with youuur styyle...
Melissa,Your beautiful. I just want you to know.
by johnnie777 October 18, 2009
beau·ti·ful (byt-fl)
1. Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.
2. Excellent; wonderful.
3. Ann
ann is beautiful and I love her
by jakeypoolovesann April 10, 2009
What a guy calls a girl when he wants to get in her pants.
Guy: Wow you're so beautiful!
Girl: *blushes* Gee thanks.
Guy: Let' have sex.
Girl: OK!
by TerriTheAsian March 29, 2009
Someone or something that makes you feel good and/or is nice to look at.
Hannah is the most beautiful girl ever.
by bollingdavid June 29, 2007

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