A woman who captures your attention like no other.
Her name is Diane, she is absolutely beautiful!
by Joe of the north December 06, 2011
Treasure Zimmerman-

the most amazing beautiful girl that will impact your life.

she is the most friendly girl in the world.
"Beautiful? That's treasure.;''
by sexy123456789101112 August 01, 2011
Rosamund Milne Is Beautiful. Rebecka Heath Is Beautiful Too.
They are both extraordinarely beautiful for their age and everyone secretly has a crush on them!
by rebecca milne August 04, 2007
possesing qualities comparible to that of a sea urchin floating aimlessly around the southern hemisphere just below Bermuda and slightly to the left of hong kong.
Wow, that woman is simply beautiful.
by Pho Kay May 14, 2007
N. word desribing the ideal woman. Good looks, sense of humor, pretty much perfect. In otherwords, just look up Asians.
me:"Wow that woman is beautiful."
brian:"Yeah, she's asian."
by Nick Bockwinkle March 31, 2008
See: Mounter, J. Defines beauty in a way that transcends all other.
She is beautiful, in a Mounteresque way.
by Joel Mahoney April 03, 2006
The name NADJA is a very rare female first name.
Origin: Russian
Meaning: Hope
Pronounced: Naa Jah
she is a very beautiful girl.
by BALTIC February 04, 2008

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