you are beautiful
by khbvouv September 06, 2011
Bryoni Rose Donald <3
The most Beautiful girl in the world ;)
by bobmarleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy November 25, 2010
Someone or something that makes you feel good and/or is nice to look at.
Hannah is the most beautiful girl ever.
by bollingdavid June 29, 2007
A girl named Amani Contreras, perfect in every way, possibly the most attractive thing in the world. The one you would want to be with and no one else.
Amani is just so damn beautiful!
by Jank Wanker December 28, 2011
A beautiful girl; like spanish girls. They're gorgeous. When Someone has pretty eyes. Or beautiful long hair. When someone's short. When someone wears a pink shirt. When someone wears TNA pants. They're beautiful
Stefano:Daaayum girl, did you see Justyne?
Allison: Yeah broski, she's lookin' mighty fine this evening.

Stefano: she's so beautiful, I wish she was mine
Allison: Don't we all.
by Allium Bonellium December 16, 2011
Attractive to the eye. Good looking. Hot. Fine. None of this "it's on the inside" BS. I'm talking, full out, when you see a girl, get an erection and make a noise with you mouth by accident. Usually something like: "huuuhuhuhuhuh"... I mean beauty people.
Guy 1: "That girl is beautiful."
Guy 2: "I know, her personality is so warm and she's really nice."
Guy 1: "No, you fuckin' numskull, she's smokin'... idiot."
by qwerty981 January 19, 2013
A word that is used by low-down, scumbag jackass guys when they think that a girl is hot, but do not wish it to be known that they only want to fuck the crap out off the girl.
You are so beautiful! Have you seen my bedroom already?
by Cabbagetown July 12, 2011

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