Look up a picture of yourself
I am beautiful
by cheyguyloveswhey March 03, 2015
A highly attractive individual, used to describe both the body, mind, and soul- as cancerous as it sounds, Girls eat it up, unless she's that one girl that is intent on being difficult.
"Meagan is the most beautiful girl in the world, her body is perfect, her heart is pure, and all that fun stuff."
by PsychoSanity September 14, 2014
Girls who have great looks, a sense of humor, and make their guy smile. See Anastasia
Anastasia is very beautiful.
by Noah5273 October 31, 2013
Look at yourself.

You are the definition of beautiful
Keep smiling beautiful
by hipotonix September 03, 2013
omg thats an beautiful alisha!
by Pandabearssss May 07, 2010
Beautiful is the way as smile lights up a room. It's the way her eyes reflect the flash of a camera. It's not wearing makeup to that party where your crush is having and he compliments you on your face. Being beautiful isn't the being hot or sexy. It's a reflection on your mind, personality, and appearance.
Evan: You're beautiful
Me: I love you too
by shiningjules May 18, 2015
You. You are beautiful.
by popptastic October 26, 2014

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