What a guy will say to a girl when he really wants to get in her pants
Roxanne "I'm so sick of guys calling me beautiful"
Bob "why?"
Roxanne "because the only reason a guy will call a girl beautiful is if he wants something"
by Gintu November 15, 2011
A word that is used by low-down, scumbag jackass guys when they think that a girl is hot, but do not wish it to be known that they only want to fuck the crap out off the girl.
You are so beautiful! Have you seen my bedroom already?
by Cabbagetown July 12, 2011
one word: ashleigh.
-wow look at that girl, she's beautiful!
-yeah, she's and ashleigh for sure.
by sickbitchmotherfucker May 12, 2009
having qualaties that excite the sences most specifically the sence of sight
taylor is so beautiful
by Edy Man February 14, 2008
something i love that my boyfriend calls me.a person who makes u feel good about everything goin on.a person that makes u want to be great for then.etc
hey beautiful...guess what


we're goin to hawaii!

(she jumps on him n they have sex on the kitchen floor)
by rockstar_famous July 10, 2008
someone or something that is nice to look at
she is so beautiful
by haha July 07, 2003
A woman who captures your attention like no other.
Her name is Diane, she is absolutely beautiful!
by Joe of the north December 06, 2011

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