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beau·ti·ful (byt-fl)
1. Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.
2. Excellent; wonderful.
3. Ann
ann is beautiful and I love her
by jakeypoolovesann April 10, 2009
1 3
A gorgeous girl, someone who is enjoyable to look at.
Andria Parkinson is so beautiful, I wish I could see her everyday.
by JosherSlowPoker January 22, 2007
11 13
A positive word that expresses your enthusiasm.You can use when addressing a friend or talking about an action or object. It can also be acknowledged as a subsitute for "Thanks."
"I got an A on the test!"

"Your jeans are done washing."
by Sicily Isaac June 13, 2005
13 15
usually describes only one woman in the world appropriately. Can also be used as a synonym for the name "Fairouz". Beautiful describes the rare combination of brown eyes, chai-tea-colored skin, dark-rose lips and an adorable smile. The word illustrates perfection with respect to looks and charism. It may not be used as a description of any other woman as there is no evidence that a female human being other than Fairouz matches the above mentioned criteria as accurately.
As in:
Gee that chick over there is beautiful. Her name must be Fairouz.

have you aver seen another woman that can be described as beautiful
The German national team plays amazing soccer. Im tempted to call it beautiful
by CliveBixby February 01, 2012
1 4
Dani Serria Allen(Johnson)
by Tyler Drew Johnson December 14, 2011
0 3
you are beautiful
by khbvouv September 06, 2011
1 4
Meaning Rachel Roller
There goes rachel roller. Shes friggin beautiful!
by briiickkkkkk April 21, 2011
0 3