An opinion in which told you some you feel is amazingly pretty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are Beautiful.
Example: Angelica is beautiful.
by Nothing-can-be-forever October 20, 2013
Someone or something that is so pleasant to look at because it/they consist of grace and beauty.
Sofia R, beautiful
by KAMASTER July 07, 2013
1) A special moment, a 'beautiful' moment.

2)When someone or something's appearances draw your attention and there is little wrong with the person or object.

3)the word that defines Amber Wardle-Sheppard.
1) *a baby is born*

man: "this is a beautiful moment"

2)1st guy: "look at that girl, shes beautiful isnt she?"
2nd guy: "she sure is, i cant take my eyes off of her."

3) Amber Wardle-Sheppard is beautiful, not just on the outside, but on the inside too :)
by mmametalheadguitarist:) August 21, 2011
What you are
:) You are beautiful :)
by gingerbread gal July 08, 2011
Chewing gum
Woahsef brosef, you are chewing gum! you are beautiful!
by Greg Jesus October 14, 2010
An extremely attrative person in either physical appearance or mental ability
Danielle is beautiful
by Kingroflpwned August 17, 2010
A character from the Chappelle's Show sketch 'The Playa Hata's Ball'. Featuring wicked sweet Jheri Curls, Hairspray and a sparkly outfit, Beautiful is played by Donnell Rawlings.
Beautiful: Hitlers mama got one big titty and one little titty, and they call the bitch Biggie Smalls!
by Syntra September 20, 2008

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